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Bach flowers

Bach flowers

What Are Bach Flowers?
Mariagrazia explains it to us in the video below this paragraph.

Bach flowers are 38 sylvan remedies discovered and popularized by the English doctor Edward Bach for their therapeutic properties on moods.

Dr Bach's method is based on enhancement of positive emotions of humans and animals to promote their serenity and health.

Although there is currently no scientific evidence,the power of Bach flowers is well known to those with emotional problems such as anxiety and stressand aggression because, in the milder forms of these discomforts, can be sustained and resolved by resorting to these natural remedies.

With our dogfriends, Bachflowers allows us to support and treat moods, emotions and behavioursin a wide variety of situations in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive way, and above all free from side effects.

Anyone who has had or owns dogs knows well that these creatures are able to express their moods through signals. Therefore, being themable to feel emotions just like humans, it is up to us to correctly interpret their signals and offer them support if needed.

Bach flowers offer endless combinations to support your dog in any context.
We at Kikkalab we prepare formulas by studying Bach flower combinations that can offer support to our 4-legged friends.

We then apply the formulas to precious organic and gluten-free snacks produced in the laboratory by us using top quality ingredients.
We therefore offer your dog a healthy snack that will help him regain his balance.