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Six-legged holidays: how to manage the fear of transport!

Six-legged holidays: how to manage the fear of transport!

Holidays in sight but your dog is afraid of the car?

Here's everything you need to know to ensure relaxation and fun for both of you.

If our dog is uncomfortable when we take him by car, or on public transport such as train, ferry or plane, travel for holidays or necessities becomes a problem.

In this article we will talk about how to help our dog manage these fears serenely.

Not bringing our 4-legged dog with us deprives both us and him of positive experiences to share, essential for living a complete and happy relationship for both of us.

What is a dog's fear of cars and how do you recognize it?

Car sickness (and of vehicles in general) or motion sickness is caused by an unfamiliar irregular movement that disturbs the sensory pathways responsible for controlling balance. There is a discrepancy between the information that comes from the vestibular, visual and postural systems: the unpleasant sensations are caused by the "confusion" that the brain makes between real movement and perceived movement.

The characteristic signs of car sickness in dogs are: agitation, restlessness, breathlessness, excessive salivation, repeated swallowing, belching, lip licking and very often vomiting.

How to help your dog manage motion sickness?

Our Sos cookies activated for the Fear they are a valid and effective support to the discomfort that the dog feels!

The Bach flowers contained in our cookies are a blend specially designed to help the dog overcome the terror, fear and anxiety it manifests in a natural way.

There are also some useful measures to prevent or relieve dog discomfort.

  • Get your dog used to car journeys by starting with short journeys and gradually increasing the duration of the journey.
  • You should start as soon as possible to bring the puppy to the car: it must be played in the car, before starting to travel, with the car stopped at the beginning, making it smell what it wants.

    Then make very short journeys and gradually lengthen them, only if you see that the dog does not suffer.
    You can take one of his toys or blankets in the car to make the environment more familiar, gratify him with caresses and affectionate words when, during the journey, he remains calm.

What can be caused by the dog's fear of the car?

Sometimes the fear of the car occurs because it is taken by vehicle only to go to the veterinarian or the groomer.

It may therefore be appropriate to start a sort of "deconditioning", or to create a pleasant association when going out with the car.

You can start with short journeys by car that lead to a destination that the dog likes (a park, the countryside, a dog area that he prefers), gradually following longer and more complex journeys, gradually thanks to Bach flowers. he will forget the initial fear and combine the car with something pleasant.

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