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Afraid of the vet? 3 essential tips!

Afraid of the vet? 3 essential tips!

3 tips to help your dog cope with the fear of the vet!

Fear of the vet is one of the most common problems among dogs. This happens because the attention to be paid to your dog when accompanied to visits is often underestimated. In this article we will give you three valuable tips to help you face your vet appointments more peacefully!

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Why are dogs afraid of the vet?

Many pets experience stress and tension before and during vet visits. This is usually due to the fact that it is underestimated how traumatic it can be for the animal to experience a new environment in which they have to deal with the stress of being touched by a stranger. Furthermore, most of the times the animal goes to the vet is because it is sick or has to undergo annoying treatments.
Let's find out how to help them face this experience better.

1. Get the dog used to being inspected

One of the aspects that creates the most stress for the animal is the fact that it is not used to being touched by its ears, paws, teeth, tail, etc. and finding itself with a stranger which does so in a context that is anything but familiar.

Get him used to a daily inspection accompanied by caresses and a final prize to make the visit a fun game and an activity he is used to. Take into account, according to the level of nervousness that the dog feels, to gradually accustom him with the aim of making the routine visit by placing the dog on the table and checking him as many parts as possible.

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2. Take him to the visit relaxed

Another aspect that feeds the fear of the vet in dogs is the fact that between the trip in the car and waiting in the room with other nervous animals, only negative aspects remain etched in his memory.

For this reason, we suggest that your vet visits be preceded by a nice walk and games to make sure that the dog has fun, venting and arriving at the clinic more relaxed.

This aspect is essential for dealing with fear. of the veterinarian but also of transport; because it allows you to associate both things with an activity that they like.

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3. Calm him and help him be in control

Unfortunately, the causes of stress that lead dogs to be afraid of the vet do not depend solely on us. A very influential aspect is the time spent in the waiting room.

In that situation it is recommended to put the pet carrier in the highest and safest place possible (keep it on your lap if you are sitting or place it on a stable chair is the best solution). If the dog is free, it is advisable to keep it on your lap and above all always on a leash.

Having a view from above allows the dog to have the situation more under control. Also in the waiting room there are other animals that can be nervous and the leash, accompanied by a safe distance, limits possible quarrels between them.

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